Our packaging does the talking where it matters but here is an insight into the thinking behind the scenes.

August 22, 2014

How to extend shelf life – 4 packaging tips

So you want your sandwich to stay fresher for longer. Maybe you require one or two extra days on the shelf? Or perhaps you need to extend your product’s life for a week or more? Many food-to-go products in the UK have a shelf life of around three days. But today, two major issues facing… Read more »


July 2, 2014

3 factors to consider when specifying hot food packaging

You want the specification process to be as efficient as possible, but how can you guarantee you will receive packaging that offers customers the best possible experience, yet keeps costs and waste to an absolute minimum? Considering these 3 questions beforehand will help streamline the entire process. It will also ensure your hot food packaging… Read more »


June 6, 2014

Four reasons why RAP is a great place to start your career

RAP is one of the fastest-growing fresh food packaging companies in the country, with a strong reputation for innovative product development. In order to continue to help our customers sell more, a big priority is to nurture young talent. This helps keep our business fresh, ground-breaking and sustainable. Here graduate trainee Henry Shephard outlines some… Read more »


May 28, 2014

A day in the life of a RAP channel manager

Top left to right – Henry Shephard and Robin Huggins. Bottom left to right – Sophie Grubb, Melanie Smith and Sue Beaver (Head of Commercial Services)   From designers to channel managers, a range of people contribute to each piece of packaging we deliver. Our ‘A day in the life’ series interviews different team members… Read more »


February 14, 2014

Four features to look for when improving your packaging

1. Reduced packaging Not only does this reduce waste, it also reduces production costs and improves the overall resource efficiency of the packaging. For example, RAP’s Modified Atmosphere Sandwich Wedge is constructed from lightweight board and laminate film, making it 20% lighter than standard equivalents. To achieve this, look for manufacturers that can do the… Read more »


November 1, 2013

Fresher Thinking to Reduce Food Waste – ‘New’ RAP White Paper

RAP has developed new guidance to help the grocery supply chain meet targets recently announced under the Courtauld Commitment 3. Our White Paper, ‘Packaging the Future’, offers retailers, brands and manufacturers valuable insights into how they can use innovative packaging solutions to extend shelf life and reduce food waste. We believe the Commitment presents an… Read more »